[Updated: Feb. 17] Fortnite bug tracker: Reported issues, officially acknowledged problems, status developments, and service outage

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When it comes to the battle royale genre, Fortnite has dominated the landscape. Launched in 2017, it is developed and published by Epic Games, Fortnite generated $5.1 billion in revenue and as of 2021, has 350 million players worldwide.

That being said, Fortnite is currently in its 19th season Chapter Three Season One. Every Season brings in significant changes to the gameplay and characters and has a unique theme that sets the tone of the game.


Nonetheless, the game is frequently updated, and like every other multiplayer game that was released in the last few years, has its fair share of bugs and issues. But Epic Games usually acknowledges and fixes most of these issues fairly quickly.

That being said, it may still be difficult to keep tabs on which bugs and issues have been acknowledged, fixed, or are under investigation.

We will be regularly updating this tracker as and when new Fortnite bugs and issues surface so make sure you keep an eye out for more information.

Fortnite bugs and issues tracker
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 29 FPS Drops and low performance issues after Chapter 3 update Workaround
December 12 Refer a Friend program not working Fixed
December 12 White Screen bug Workaround
December 12 Cosmetic Challenge Bundles not visible Investigating
December 12 Network connection lost error spectator mode Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 12 Healing while in tent is disabled Investigating
December 12 Snow VFX Removed Investigating
December 12 Storm will start before the indicated UI timer Investigating
December 12 Husks can damage objectives through player built structures in Deliver the Bomb Investigating
December 12 Flying at the border of the island sends you away from the map Investigating
December 12 Most items from Consumables Tab can not be registered with Capture Item Spawner Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 02 Login and matchmaking issues Fixed
December 13 Players getting removed from games Investigating
December 14 Infinite jumps when shooting Dualies after Web Slinging Investigating
December 15 SAC Device not working in Creative while placed inside of the Skydome Device Workaround
December 16 Creative Island makers can’t publish their Island in Support-A-Creator 2.0 program Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 05 Audio issues on Xbox Investigating
December 17 Issue with turbo building on Android Investigating
December 17 Unable to redeem Blizabelle outfit Investigating
December 24 Stinger SMG and MK7 rifle overpowered, nerf needed Unacknowledged
December 27 Unable to interact with a tent as manage inventory button is not working Workarounds (1, 2)
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
December 30 Winterfest gifts notification issue Investigating
December 30 All Winterfest gifts are from MJ from Spiderman Unacknowledged
January 04 Crew subscribers not receiving Golden Look Board Glider Aware
January 05 Too transparent storm on Nintendo Switch Aware (Workaround)
January 10 Creative Islands missing objects or items placed near the island borders Acknowledged
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 18 Certain Devices are now missing from Creators’ islands Fixed
January 14 Fortnite Telescope parts challenge bugged Investigating
January 15 Mark an enemy with a Flare Gun not working Intended behaivior
January 15 The Scientist’s Quest to ‘Destroy and collect telescope parts’ is not tracking properly Fix coming soon
January 17 Disabled Brutus, TNTina, Meowscles, Skye, and Midas outfits from competitive playlists Intended behavior
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 24 Color blind mode not working or settings reset Fixed
January 20 Aim assist issue while using motion controls on Nintendo Switch Investigating
January 20 Quadcrasher control issue while flying (can’t use movement keys) Investigating
January 21 Season quests not updating Season Bonus Goals milestone Investigating
January 21 Support-A-Creator UI not showing up in pre-game lobbies Investigating
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
January 21 Low vending machine spawn, challenge cannot be completed Unacknowledged
January 25 Games and points not counting towards tournament score Fixed in future game update
January 29 Character’s outfit/skin turns ‘hologram’ blue in lobby Acknowledged (workaround)
February 02 The sliding/Crouch button missing on Mobile Acknowledged
February 02 Low-res or poor quality texture trees in Performance Mode Workaround
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 05 Players can’t see Haven’s feathers or in-match Quest progress Fixed
February 04 Double tapping a Build Piece icon not working as intended Workaround
February 14 Not receiving verification emails when creating an account Fixed
February 16 Fire effects are displayed as yellow rectangles in certain areas on Xbox Investigating
February 17 Longer loading times and corrupted uploaded maps in Creative mode Fixed
Date (last edited on) Bug/issue Status
February 17 Stuck on ‘downloading keychain’ and crashing on Xbox Acknowledged

Service Outage

Fortnite servers do go down at times in different parts of the world. Interestingly, Fortnite shut down its servers in China last month on November 15. As a result, players from the region are now unable to log in to the game.

Hereby, we will also be updating the tracker when the servers go down and are back up.

Fortnite outage tracker
Date Outage information
Dec. 30 Fixed
Jan. 22 Fixed
Jan. 28 Investigating
Feb. 02 Fixed
Feb. 15 Fixed
Other developments and announcements
Date Description
Dec. 30 Is Fortnite shutting down in 2021?

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